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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what size generator I need?

J&H will come to your home, design a system to fit your needs and size the generator to your needs.


What type of fuel does the generator use? 

Natural gas or propane gas.


What if I don’t have either? 

We will work with the propane company of your choosing to ensure you have the correct size tank to properly operate the generator.


Why must a customer who uses propane choose the supplier?

Propane companies differ in pricing and the types of tank they supply. By directly working with the propane company a customer can tailor the product to fit their budget.  


How does the generator work?

The generator knows when the utility power is not functioning and will turn itself on and provide electric to your home until utility power is restored.  Then it turns itself off and returns to monitoring.


Is there anything I have to do to make it work?

No, everything is automatic.


How will I know the generator will operate when I have an outage?

J&H Power Equipment Inc. installs a L.E.D. remote indicator light during installation.  Once a week the generator will test itself, running a complete diagnostic in 8 different categories.  If it finds an issue the L.E.D. light, installed where you will be able to see it, will blink letting you know J&H Power Equipment Inc. should be called.


What if I’m away often and want to make monitor the generator? 

You may prescribe to InfoHub which will send you a direct phone or text message if an issue with the generator occurs.


How long does the install take?

Typically it's a one day process to install the generator completing the natural gas and electrical hook up.  If you are having propane installed that is separate from our install. The propane company may inform you of the time their time frame.


Can I run everything in my house on a generator?

Yes, J&H Power Equipment Inc. will fit the generator to the size of electric draw you require. Our load management system allows full house operation using a smaller more efficient generator. 


Is this something that requires permits?

Yes, typically there are two permits involved. One for the electric connection portion of the install and one for the gas connection portion of the install.


Does the generator require any maintenance?

Yes.  As a full service dealer J&H Power Equipment will perform a 27 point maintenance and inspection on your generator.  This is typically once a year but can be customized for customers who require a more frequent inspection. 

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